Personal History

I first started programming at around aged 13 and quickly became interested in building websites and setting up my own hobby businesses. This deep interest in computing remained with me right through my GCSEs and in around 2010, right when Android was starting to go mass market, I became very interested in developing my own apps. The ability to have something I created always available, in my pocket and in the pocket of potentially millions of other people was very exciting. From that moment on I would regularly build apps to solve personal itches, games for friends or even to support my early business ventures. Eventually one of them (an unofficial app-based reader for the news site Wired) finally began to build some traction and built up a following of a few thousand of users.

I then went on to do my A levels in my home town of Cambridge. Based on my previous experiences on the Android Marketplace, I already knew at this point that I wanted to become self-employed and my study choices reflected that. One of my choices was unsurprisingly ICT however my second was business. If I was going to go run my own business I wanted to be sure I had a strong academic knowledge of business management behind me.

After my A levels were complete, in 2012, I started university at Nottingham Trent studying Computer Science. It was at this time that I decided put together an early version of this very site, hoping that it would not only be a good chance to get experience early on, but also an opportunity to earn some money on the side and help me supplement a very small student allowance! To keep a long story short, Between studies I would regularly look for jobs on sites like PeoplePerHour and slowly work on building up my online credibility, eventually becoming moderately successful (as far as student side incomes go anyway) and paid much of my own way through my time at university. As soon as i had graduated, I setup a home office and took it full-time!


GCSEs in ten subjects - Including ICT, English, Maths and Triple Science and Statistics
A Levels (Cambridge Sixth Form) - ICT, Business, Film
University Bsc, Nottingham Trent - Computer Science 2:1